Our Social and Independence Support Service

We at Billie Care recognise that all people have different care needs and should be treated as such. We accept that at times for one reason or another a health condition that needs a helping hand can impact our lives, whether this be in the short term or the long term. Having health conditions can sometimes make people feel angry, alone, scared and unmotivated. Billie Care is here to help you, to offer practical and emotional support to help you to not only be able to cope with the condition but to hopefully look at devising steps and ways in which we can assist you to regain confidence and do things that you had perhaps found challenging, such as attending clubs, appointments, cooking, personal care, assisting with medication management or just by giving you emotional support.


At Billie Care, our empathetic carers are adept in understanding the emotional, social and practical challenges of living well with most health conditions that may need assistance from our trained carers. We understand how you or your loved ones may feel isolated and exhausted and how maintaining closeness in relationships becomes harder as the condition progresses.

Our carers are highly trained and knowledgeable on the different types of health conditions and all the symptoms and impacts these can have. You or your loved one’s care will be centred around their unique needs and will always be coupled with companionship and conversation. It may include:

  • Assisting with healthy meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Support with everyday living at home including personal care.
  • Catheter care and continence management to maintain your dignity and comfort.
  • Encouragement to exercise where appropriate to improve mood, mobility and to strengthen muscles

What We Do

Just because an individual has a learning disability, does not mean that they should not be able to live in a home of their own. At Billie Care, we can assist a person to complete daily tasks that will enable them to maintain their independence and dignity. We can discuss this with yourself or family member and social/healthcare professional and looking at what tasks you require support with. This could be providing an enabling service by helping you to get out and about in the community, attending appointments, assisting you with medication or assisting you with cooking a meal for instance. We recognise that each person is an individual and should be treated as such so each package of care would be tailored specifically for you